let me start by stating

I love projects and I allow myself to do different things. Creating something new drives me and allows me to be creative. In the best case it involves a team of diverse people implementing ideas together. Still I believe my doings follow a pattern. They should be meaningful to me and society. Are they always impactful? Others are the ones to judge but at least it is my attempt.

I feel at home in many places but besides my origins in Europe, I feel deeply connected to Asia, especially West Asia aka the Middle East. Traveling and staying in these regions gave me a sense of my own past as a European citizen in terms of heritage and our colonial responsibilities. I underwent a personal transformation by widening my limited Western perspectives into new horizons. These experiences include many aspects and especially our cultural and ecological interconnections.

It must be the first time ever that I wait until the third paragraph to mention that I am a woman and a proud feminist. Wherever I go, patriarchy is a common, varying only in different shades. Including a feminist agenda into my work has been a constant companion since my school days. My perspective however developed over the years and I am full-heartedly supporting the notion of a postcolonial feminism.

In my work, I use different professional roles as a psychologist, business consultant, talent manager, project leader, journalist or artist. I see it as a privilege to put on different perspectives and having obtained various competencies. They are complementing each other and my aim is to make use of them in a sensible way.

Feel welcome to contact me ✉️ for further questions.