MOVING CONT/R/ACTS – Performance Art 2023-2024

Performative work of three artists in co-operation; Moving Cont/r/acts is a movement research; first showing of our video and live performance at International Arts Meeting Back to Athens10, operated by Goldfuß unlimited;

Beyond realities, 2021 –

co-operation between three creatives, we created a multimedia story for a social cause – the limited view on women’s performance in our society; individual story telling (audio, photo, animation); definition of an inclusive process, how to develop new visions for a collective problem

web@ngel, 2022/23

a project by ZARA and DerStandard; this temporary project included my own training and two months activities as a web@ngel to stand up against Hate Speech Online; co-trainer for groups on hate speech online run by ZARA Training

Women on Air, Radio Orange 2020 –

I am a member of Women on Air since November 2020, we present Global Dialogues, a feminist radio format; I produce interview formats, features and sometimes live shows together withe the team;

Safa Talent Journey, Podcast ongoing

crowdfunding campaign to kick off podcast platform; creating SafaTalents as a talk and interview setting for people building bridges in their local environments; my first podcast journey took me to Lebanon and Oman; podcast series from Lebanon, Oman, Israel, Iraq/Kurdistan

Safa East Venture Blog, 2015 –

my first homepage which does not exist anymore, but I saved some core posts; in my writings in German language, I am telling about my experiences traveling and staying in different countries of the West Asian/Middle Eastern region; my socio-political observations, my passion for desert hiking and learning Arabic are core elements;

Talent Management for organisations and Businesses, 1996 – 2015

18 years projects internationally in HR and Organisational Consulting, focus on Talent Management including building up the business in Austria at first; here are some details about my career; if you are interested in my experiences, please connect and send me a message ✉️